Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boiler, Entitled.

Marilyn Shepherd, Australia's most unhinged moonbat and occasional Holocaust denier is fed up. Again.

In a comment to the PP Blog post about the Edumucation Revolooshun laptops not being so flash she rants:
Who did they interview, some “I am entitled” brats.

I have changed computers 4 times in the past 9 years and upgraded internet from:

dial up in 2002 with 500 mb @ $30 per month @ 56kbs
to broadband in 2006 with 12 GB @ $60 per month
to $24 GB per month from $44
Now 100 GB per month for $60 with speeds of up to 20 mbs.

I have switched from Microsoft to Linux after a monster muncher got me 2 months ago and it is faster and easier.

I am sick to death of whiney brats and their entitlement culture.
Marilyn one of the biggest whiners on the Internet and there probably isn't a single major blog in this country which hasn't been peppered with her angry, hysterical rants over the years. Bloggers on all political sides have banned her. Quite an achievement.

As for entitlement? Marilyn feels quite entitled to the dole she collects as apparently she feels unable to work, despite obviously being able to sit at a computer for hours a day just like a person in a real job.



Blogger Boy on a bike said...

The laptops are buckets of shit. The teenagers in our house prefer to use my 6 year old PC - because it's faster and has a much bigger screen. The only thing the laptops are good for is sharing pirated games, music and movies. I looked at Junior's not long ago because it was "broken". Damned thing was chockers with 50GB of movies - not a spare kilobyte of space free. Teachers are now teaching from the back of the classroom because kids spend all lesson playing games or watching movies. They are just another collosal waste inflicted on the taxpayer by this stupid government.

I'm surprised Marilyn Sheephead didn't think of it, it's that stupid.

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Gab said...

Marilyn The Moocher strikes again.

10:47 PM  

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