Monday, August 15, 2011


Further to Paul Sheehan's analysis of the London Riots' background comes this comment:
welfare? hoodies? teen pregnancy? wot a load of crap - like paul sheehan has an understanding of wots going on. Ive lived in london as was struck by one thing - it is a heirachy class society - with a tone of underlying racism. They look down their nose at anyone poor - which comes from the royals paradigm - so theres a second and third class in that society. The looting is opportunism not an uprising. Next you will be blaming rap music for it all...the reason the people on welfare are the ones doing the looting is coz they are poor so this riot is the only chance they have of getting those high end store goods - sounds like entreprenurs to is wot is is - its not some sort of scorecard on the lifes of people on welfare in the UK.

grimotr | inner west - August 11, 2011, 8:21AM
I'm not sure if it's genuine or one of the truly great trolling attempts of the 21st Century. I pray it's the latter.


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