Thursday, August 11, 2011

Smug Europe Burns

Greg Sheridan in The Australian:
Anarchy and chaos in Athens one week? Cars beyond number burned in Paris in another season? And now this terrible, senseless, causeless violence in London and many other British cities?

And everywhere across western Europe, governments bankrupt or nearly so, living beyond their means, unable or unwilling to tell their people the truth about their finances.
And yet many European states are more than willing to tell other countries how to operate. The best example is presuming to tell the Jewish state what to do, as though they have any sort of moral authority on the subject since that exercise.

Meanwhile, when it comes to public transport, roads, electricity or government, any number of Australian lefties sneer and wonder why we can't be more like Europe.

Newsflash: Europe is stuffed. Nothing works and the best parts of Europe are those that are thousands of years old and nice to visit on a holiday. Can we please start learning from their mistakes.


Anonymous ICW said...

Sadly Dan, one fears we're heading down the same path.

Here in Australia there is a glaring contempt for authority, lack of decency, absence of work ethic, and ignorance of the values that served previous generations so well.

It may not happen this year, or the next, but mark my words, Australia will one day suffer the same riots as England.

6:30 PM  

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