Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Defamation Discontinued

Yesterday I wrote about Marilyn Shepherd's typically unhinged comment at Crikey's Pure Poison blog.

In a comment to PP, I observed that Marilyn was slagging off "Entitled brats" despite feeling entitled to collect the dole herself.

My comment was edited by Jeremy Sear, who wrote:
we don’t publish defamatory smears about people on our site. -Jeremy
This will of course come as pleasant news to certain people who have been well and truly defamed by Crikey/Pure Poison in the past.

By the way, the Crikey apology linked to by this post, seems to have been conveniently disappeared. Fortunately an archive is here.

It's nice to see Jeremy ensuring Crikey isn't sued by a dole bludging Holocaust Denier like Marilyn Shepherd.

Shepherd previously wrote:
Official figures for the Jewish populations of Germany in 1933 were 450,000, two thirds whom fled before the holocaust.

IN Austria it was only 180,000 and two thirds of them escaped. Where the 6 million comes from is obviously another load of bunkum.

What the US would do is take propoganda pictures with dead bodies, but they were the ones keeping them locked up by then and they were dying at the rate of 200 per day.

Posted by Marilyn Shepherd, Saturday, 31 May 2008 2:43:26 AM
Jeremy will protect her feelings. More sensible bloggers have sent her packing.

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Anonymous Bruce said...

So Ms Shepherd is cool with a few hundred thousand Jews being slaughtered?

I suspect her figures are from a dodgy source; she cites no references.

Obviously, she is not at all concerned by the fact that the slaughtered Jews were from every piece of real-estate that the Wehrmacht rolled over, from western France to the gates of Moscow and Stalingrad. And then there were the Gypsies, homosexuals, general "political prisoners", non-specific "Slavs" etc., etc.

She probably is also congenitally incapable of comprehending that her political hero, Stalin, cheerfully sent millions of "Kulaks", Jews, "political unreliables" etc. to their graves in much the same time frame as the Nazis.And then there was that famous, jacket-wearing chap in China.........

6:00 PM  
Blogger Boy on a bike said...

Interesting bit of trivia from her mini-biography:

"Marilyn was an anti-war activist from the Vietnam era".

Marilyn was born in 1953. The first anti-war rally was on 8 May 1970. The last big anti-war rally was on 30 June 1971. 4RAR left Vietnam on 7 Nov 1971.

She certainly kicked off at a young age.

Or she's making it up.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Chistery said...

A Jack the Insider post has Marilyn ranting, abusing and lecturing in the form of tediously long and whining comments.

Her name appears on pages 1,5,7,8,10 and 15, but you’d expect nothing less from her when she find a blog post about asylum seekers.

Page 7 has maximum Marilyn, but note her comment at 6.17pm

“I didn’t say any of the things, THE AUTHOR SAID THEM.”

She is referring to the same book she references in her above mentioned holocaust denier quote (you need to follow the link for the full text)

Marilyn is of course lying and denying. The author may have said those things, but Marilyn said them too, since she clearly accepts as fact, everything she quoted from the author.

Still the denier. Still the shrieking harpy.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Trevor said...

Hi, I just spoke to HREOC about Marilyn Shepherd and her anti-semitic views and holocaust denying. Her publishing these views on public blogs puts her in breach of the Racial Vilification laws in Australia. I cannot make the complaint as I am not of the Jewish faith (which is acknowledged as a race under Australian Federal law) which is necessary for the complainant. So if you want to shut her up, locate a person of the Jewish faith in Australia to support the complaint.

10:18 AM  

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