Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Something different

Crikey media analyst Jeremy Sear deviates from the norm with today's post on a Sydney Morning Herald piece by Gerard Henderson. What makes Sear's post different is that it's not about News Ltd: all of the Pure Poison "analysis" and "elsewhere" posts by both Jeremy and sidekick Dave Gaukroger going all the way back to 9 September are News Ltd related.

That's ten days of anti-News sniping from media "analysts" whose stated mission is to "expose the intellectual dishonesty, the flimsy arguments and the distorted data wherever they appear in the mainstream media." Pure Poison's predominantly Left-wing commenters are, being equally News-obsessed, delighted, of course.

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Anonymous Chistery said...

Prof Bunyip seems to have no trouble finding examples of intellectual dishonesty in the 'love' media, but then again, the PP Boyz gave away any pretence of being balanced and running anything other than a New Ltd hate blog
long ago.

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Lattecat said...

Sears completely unhumourless when it comes to the greens isn't he these days. He only needs to look back on his old blog, when he was making jokes years ago about the hypocrisy of being anti-global warming and going on holidays overseas. Seems to have lost his sense of humour since then.

10:32 AM  

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