Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Clover Moore Achievement

Remember the Bourke St Cycleway?

The one that would cause the area to become "a Parisian-style boulevard lined with cafes and grand homes"?

Yes, well.
Locals were curious to see closed the Remy & Lees "Bicycle Cafe" on the Bourke Street cycleway
The café was at 547 Bourke St Surry Hills (off Phelps St)
The recipient of huge free publicity and locals assume a small business grant or two from Clover Moore MP Lord Mayor, has gone to the wall.

The spin says ‘lease was up’ it's another way of saying they went broke!
Speaking of spin, check out pro bike-lane comments on that article.
And let's completely ignore the number of businesses along the Bourke St Cycleway which are prospering as a result of the increased bike traffic e.g. Deus Cycleworks, Tokyo Bike,
Perhaps if Clover Moore encouraged horses and carriages, there would be an overnight boom in farriers and blacksmiths. How about it Clover?



Anonymous Albury Shifton said...

A "sports injury" clinic would probably do well. Didn't Clover herself break a leg trying to ride one of them there bicycle contraptions?

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Dave Derailleur said...

Yes poor Clover Moore broke a foot on Ride To Work Day when her minders forgot to hold her bike upright for the photos. Back to the taxpayer-funded chauffeured Prius again after that.

Has anyone spotted Queen Clover's latest plan for a "separated cycleway" up Wentworth Avenue?

The usual fake community consulting is happening at the moment, although of course the community won't hear about this until it's too late to object to all the lost parking and loading zones.

Gottabe even sillier and more dangerous than what she did to William Street and Bourke Street, if this is possible.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I welcome the safer bike routes and want to see more of them. I've travelled overseas and see bikeways and bike riding everywhere -- great to see Sydney also moving into the 21 century too. Use of the Bourke Street cycleway is growing and businesses along there seem to be thriving -- Can't blame the cycleway for one one closing unless you commend it for all the others that haven't. I received consultation letters (plural!) and went to one of the meetings when the Bourke Street cycle was being planned. Dave Derailleur - just because you don't like the bikeway doesn't mean the consultation wasn't genuine. I'm pleased they listened to me when I said 'yes!'

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Dave Derailleur said...

Amusing to note that Anonymous isn't observant enough to follow JFB's instructions on posting comments.

Perhaps this is why he or she hasn't spotted all the post-cycleway For Lease signs along Bourke Rd/Street.

Meanwhile I still reckon that nobody using Wentworth Avenue knows about Queen Clover's diabolical plans. The fake consultation for this mad scheme closes on 20 September.

5:35 PM  

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