Monday, September 12, 2011

Everything you need to know about BDS in their own words.

Antony Loewenstein is organising a "Focus Group" to discuss why the BDS movement might not be viewed kindly by parliamentarians and the media.

One idea likely not to be discussed, is that the BDS movement is antisemitic and violent. Sure, they will insist that they are only anti-Israel (even though calling for boycotts of Jewish businesses) but take a look at them lest there be any remaining doubt.

(Thanks to Daphne for the video and report)

Quote: "From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free".
That refers to the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean sea. That is, the entire Jewish state. Forget two peoples living side-by-side in peace. No, they want the area free of Jews. Like Hamas.

Quote: "Max Brenner, get off it, there's blood in your chocolate".
A chocolatey variation of the ancient Blood Libel against Jews.

Glorification of Jihadist violence too: "Israel out of Palestine or meet the Intifada"(albeit unlikely to be an Intifada led by smelly Socialist Alternative members).

Amazingly, these people who cheer the murder of Jews have the gall to accuse their opponents of being "Neo-Nazis" in the video's title. The only placard missing from their demonstration was "Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1939".

Interestingly, the video shows one person wearing a T-shirt from the Australian Protectionist Party. One. Yet Loewenstein has run with this, deriding the Jewish Community as being in bed with fascist organisations.
Does Zionist lobby feel comfortable with fascists [plural -ed] marching alongside them for Israel? [they were standing still, actually -ed]

It would seem so, as I’ve read no con­dem­na­tion by the lobby of the far-right sup­port­ing Max Bren­ner at a protest in Syd­ney and Mel­bourne over the week­end. Being “pro-Is­rael” clearly trumps de­cency, strate­gic depth or human rights:
The Jewish Community has a pretty good record for opposing fascism. What it is they are supposed to "condemn" on this occasion is unclear. I doubt they sent a limo to pick the fellow up. For what it's worth he seemed a lot better behaved than the people across the road spitting "Fucking Jew" at Daphne's correspondent. Which side of the road do you think the Police preferred being on?

Naturally Loewenstein has never expressed concern about huge numbers of Hamas and Hezbollah supporters turning up at protests which he has addressed. Again and again to the point where Arab and Green-Left protest organisers now specifically engage crowd marshals to pull down swastikas and similar signs.

From the OzLeft website after a previous anti-Israel march:
The organisers of the Sydney march were at some pains to insist that the march confine itself to attacks on the state terror of the Israeli war machine and avoid anti-Semitic attacks on Jews. I saw the very tough and seasoned Arab community marshalls very effectively encouraging one protester to take down a placard that could be seen as an attack on Jews, and after some argument the protester complied. This approach of focusing the political attack on Israeli state terror rather than on Jewish people is both principled and strategically necessary
Not being an antisemite in public is apparently good strategy.

I can only wonder how one becomes qualified as a "tough and seasoned Arab community marshall".

Update: Ben Fordham delivers some excellent audio.

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I like the "Socialism = stinking pile of shit" t-shirts. Or maybe it was a dog turd?

"Max Brenner, come off it, there's blood in your hot choc'lit". Come off what?

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