Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Media Control

So here's how it works.

Small time blogger notes that the Prime Minister follows a less than savoury Twitter account - @BoltIsACunt.

Andrew Bolt mentions on his blog.

Prime Minister's office does nothing. Asleep at the wheel again.

Then, Menzies House notices something interesting about ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Twitter account. Bolt mentions on his radio program that the (current) Prime Minister's choice of Twitter accounts is on the nose.

Minutes later, @BoltIsACunt has one less follower...

Glad to be of service, Prime Minister.

: The offensive Twitter account is still being followed by a Crikey correspondent and editor of ABC's The Dumb Drum, Jonathan Green. Curiously, when Twitter suggests accounts "similar to @BoltIsACunt", NSW Greens member Adam Butler's Twitter feed features prominently.


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