Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hours spent walking should count too...

In today's Melbourne Age, one of the more stupid road safety ideas.

On-road experience

OUR 14-year-old daughter has been practising road skills for three years, initially with me as her instructor, by commuting to school by bicycle. On the 10 kilometres of back streets and cycle paths, she encounters many of the same issues facing all road users. These skills will translate into a much more aware and safer driver when she gets her licence.
Unfortunately no recognition in the form of a reduction in hours required for licence practice will be given.
If it were, no doubt it would encourage more of her peer group to emulate her. Also, many more than the required 120 hours of practice would be achieved with all the associated health benefits - with more young people on bikes, there would be fewer cars on our roads and less pollution. Schools could tick off each day whether the child rode their bike and the appropriate distance/time.
Anthony Barnes, Ferntree Gully
Yes. Because school teachers have nothing better to do.

Implementing this plan will mean that P-Platers who currently wrap their cars around telegraph poles due to a combination of excessive speed, undeveloped risk-awareness centres in the brain, peer group pressure and distractions, will all of a sudden drive better.

Admittedly, out of habit it will be up the bike path...


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"Admittedly, out of habit it will be up the bike path..."


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