Saturday, January 14, 2012

Loewenstein Schools Employed Journalists

Antony Loewenstein, who has never actually held down real employment as a journalist, writes:
The role of real jour­nal­ists is to ques­tion so-called es­tab­lished truths and make of­fi­cials un­com­fort­able.
How can an established truth, be 'so-called'?

Middle East commentator Antony should be travelling any moment to Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia in order to "make officials uncomfortable". Any second now...
I’m writing a chapter in a forthcoming collection I’m co-editing (I wonder if the other co-editor would write a sentence like that? -ed) on the incestuous relationship between the military and the media, an issue that has interested me for years
His interest has never extended to actually spending time with the military. No. According to Loewy:
MSM journalists see role as stenography despite claims of independence
Most journalists don't use the word "independent" in their title. They have jobs.

Stenography is a pretty rich accusation from a bloke who wouldn't know any shorthand and whose blog is nearly all excerpts of other people's work save for a sneering headline at the top.

Loewenstein is no Michael Yon. Can't wait for that "collection".



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