Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Syrian Morning Herald

The Syrian government continues to murder its own citizens using rockets and even nailbombs. Nailbombs! Let's take a look at the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday and today.

Number of letters about Israel (mostly harshly critical): Four.

Number of letters about Syria: Zero.

It's all about priorities, people.

Bashar al Assad would be relieved. He should consider subscribing.

Israeli ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor, February 13:
STOP standing on the sidelines watching murder after murder. . . do something
Perhaps an angry letter?

Some other interesting statistics. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has resulted in about 8000 Palestinian deaths. Note, those figures include active combatants (i.e. not just civilians) and quite a few suicide bombers as well, whose deaths are usually also used as political ammo against Isarel. 1500 Israeli lives have also been lost, and a far greater ratio of those were non-combatants, including schoolchildren and babies deliberately murdered.

However, if you ignore the context  and simply say that in 25 years, 2 intifadas and 1 Gaza war there have been 8000 Palestinian deaths,  by way of comparison the violence in Syria has had 8000 casualties so far, in less than one year. No Jews involved of course, so nobody cares.



Anonymous Chistery said...

And yet somehow for these people, it is relatively easy to imagine that the most plausible explanation for 9/11 is that the President of the US wanted to murder 3000 of his own citizens so he could invade Iraq 18 months later to get it's oil.

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard about the doctrine of reverse proportionality?

If Israel's involved then one Arab, even a member of a group dedicated to committing genocide against the Jews must be feted and honoured by the idiots who pass for Fairfax journalists but if Israel is not involved and cannot be remotely connected to an Arab death or 8,000 of them, the idea is to look elsewhere if at all possible.

3:45 PM  

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