Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blogs are like backsides: everybody has one and they all stink (except mine)

Even casual RWDB readers will be aware of my minor Antony Loewenstein obsession. Now whereas you might not find Loewenstein funny, I find him very entertaining; not dissimilar to one of those hilarious but cringe-provoking moments where, for example, an overbearing child vigorously pets a cat that, when pushed too far, mauls the crap out of her. Anyway, it's always interesting to see what Middle East "expert" Loewenstein has managed to screw up.

Today Ant is in fine form, his most recent effort another of his famous "Americans torture by crushing balls" posts.

There's also a post concerning Israel's allegedly inferior airport security, which confuses Israeli air traffic control problems (Israel is a very congested airspace) with airport security issues. Can you recall the most recent example of a plane flying out Israel being hijacked, bombed or otherwise interfered with?

Loewenstein, blogging from the spare bedroom of his parents' house in Australia, even has the chutzpah to criticise real journalists for reporting on the Middle East from Jerusalem, of all places.

The highlight of the day is, however, Loewenstein's New Matilda latest opinion piece introduced as follows:

While the rest of us toasted the New Year, correspondent Antony Loewenstein was in Cairo for the Gaza Freedom March

Yes, the personal sacrifices Ant makes in the interest of self-promotion are legion. He does, however, manage to work in "leading", his favourite word:

Mass protests in Cairo were eventually violently shut down by Egyptian officials and a leading declaration that outlined ways to isolate "apartheid Israel" and step up a global campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions was led by South African unionists.

Who knows what that even means -- Loewenstein certainly doesn't -- but who cares since his conclusion is equally cryptic:

Palestine is slowly gaining prominence as an issue that inspires and focusses worldwide civil society.

Loewenstein is living proof that blogging requires neither talent nor intelligence.


Anonymous atomou said...

It is enlightening that Lowestspleen should be 'selected' by an august internet tome such as New Matilda to contribute to, as they both complement each others dedication to hysterical idiocy and utterly crapulent content. If either of these two entities were in fact human they it would be a torrid romance. But all Ant-horny needs is his reflection apparently, and those dreamboat publicity photo's where he resembles a zombie.

Lowenswhinge is a standout idiot in the stellar universe of hopeless mung beans that 'write' for Matilda - and that's saying something. Are they even serious?

Ad hominem attack? No, accurate commentary I think.

But hey, it's all just my opinion.

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

"Palestine is slowly gaining prominence as an issue that inspires and focusses worldwide civil society."

The Palestinians are civilised now?

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

The Jordanians kicked them out, The Lebanese keep them away form society in refugee camps, the Oil rich Arabs wont give them residency permits, the Israelis erected a fence to keep them out, and now the Egyptians have erected a fence to keep them out, what does that tell you about the Palestinians..nothing but T rouble.. Loewenstein should go and live with them!

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laughable Lowenbrau's acc,ount in his underclass publication of choice ,has to be juxtaposed with a serious Amira Hass in last fridays Haaretz .She may be their house leftie but her report of the frightening Hamas treatment of the Sandalistas"rallying" for a Free Gaza makes you realize what a cheap,lowgrade propagandist we have in Lord Haw Haw-Lowenbrau

7:57 PM  

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