Monday, January 11, 2010

Hitler, Stalin and Mao grossly misunderstood

Famed Hollywood director Oliver Stone, yet to make a historically accurate film, will soon release a revisionist documentary that will include a "more factual representation" of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin:

I've been able to walk in Stalin's shoes and Hitler's shoes to understand their point of view. We're going to educate our minds and liberalise them and broaden them. We want to move beyond opinions ... go into the funding of the Nazi party. How many American corporations were involved, from GM through IBM? Hitler is just a man who could have easily been assassinated.

Stalin, Hitler, Mao, McCarthy – these people have been vilified pretty thoroughly by history. Stalin has a complete other story. Not to paint him as a hero, but to tell a more factual representation. He fought the German war machine more than any single person.

What the Hell is McCarthy doing amongst that crew of psychopathic, megalomaniacal mass murders?

Stalin did the most to fight Germany like a wheelchair bound Roosevelt did the most to fight Japan. If Uncle Joe the overconfident idiot had listened to his advisers the Soviet Union wouldn't have been taken by surprise and might have suffered oh say a few million fewer war casualties. And didn't you know that Stalin improved the health of overweight Ukrainians by restricting their intake of life-sustaining food?

Stone is obviously pulling out all the stops in hoping to generate interest in his little rewrite of history. Next we'll hear that Stalin, Hitler and Mao loved puppies, regularly gave blood, distributed gifts to orphans and war widows, liked nothing better than lying in a field of clover on a spring day staring at the clouds, wrote sensitive love poems and were, you know, massively misunderstood.

And if you've never seen one, click the link to view the world's most stupendous Lefty sandwich.


Anonymous YMC said...

If I was king, I'd exile Stone to North Korea or Cuba so that the fat piece of crap can spend the rest of his days with his comrades and like minded idiots. He may even enjoy the experience too.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous DonnyC said...

What are you talking about? Stalin was the biggest blood donor in history. Just not his own.

12:37 PM  

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