Saturday, January 09, 2010

Prominent Australian author denies membership in a group he founded

On the 2007 launch of an anti-Israel group:

This week Independent Australian Jewish Voices  launched, and I am one of its founding members.

That is, of course, anti-Jew Jew Antony Loewenstein proclaiming his membership in a group he co-founded but which he now denies exists:

Frankly, it’s odd to have to make the same points over and over. IAJV is not an organisation or a group. There are no members. A handful of people organise occassional petitions and events and anybody who wants to sign-up or be involved can be. And people can ignore these programs, too. Nothing more, nothing less.

Waks and Winn either ignore this clearly stated aim or remain uncomfortable with Jews speaking out critically against Israel and its policies.

Get used to it lads, we have much more planned in 2010.

Right, are we all clear on that?

Anyway, Waks and Winn co-authored a Sydney Morning Herald opinion piece critical of Loewenstein and IAJV. By disclaiming the existence of IAJV as an organised group Loewnestein is able to sidestep any questions related to relevance of the non-groups views.

The bottom line here is that IAJV is fringe group that does not represent the views of the broader Jewish community but is rather another vehicle designed to gain prominence for Antony Loewenstein. Jeez, the guy has already written two books, one of them a best-seller in like its 35th reprint, what more does the guy want? Okay, he'd probably like to move out of his parents' place and get off the dole but that will come eventually. I mean, he's a veritable media industry in his own right -- sort of an antipodean Robert Fisk, if you like. Let's not get greedy there, Ant.



Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

Loewenstein's brilliant strategy allows two things:

1) He can carry on ad nauseum about how his movement grows stronger every day. Yet when questioned as to how popular it actually is, he can simply shrug and say "We don't keep numbers".

2) Each and every time someone (cough...Loewenstein) screws up, nobody can be held responsible. For example, taking out a newspaper advertisment or submitting a letter to the editor on behalf of a whole group of people who disagree with it. That's what happened when the naive fools who signed Loewenstein's original petition (deliberately watered down - ) found out he'd run an ad supporting Iran and condemning Israel.

They told him to go and shove it, prompting him to backtrack lest his tiny group disintegrate.

Ain't anarchy grand?

Of course now he can simply avoid questions about numbers. Just as well... When Loewy started the IAJV, it numbered less than half of one percent of the Jewish Community. A couple of years later, it's 500 or so names.

That is of course assuming you take at face value that all of the members are even Jewish (refer earlier link for hilariously embarrassing efforts). However it amounts to about half of a school assembly at one of several Jewish schools. A growing movement indeed... Like those I endure after a Mexican dinner.

Meanwhile, I checked out the 'latest' signatures to his list. Peter Christoff. Now *there's* a Jewish sounding name if I ever heard one.

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