Friday, January 08, 2010

Taliban again suffer premature detonation

Just the other day 14 extremely brave Taliban freedom fighters -- as in fighting for the freedom to totally subjugate women and non-believers, and kill gays, sexually active singles, apostates and the like -- accidentally blew themselves up doing Allah's work when their explosives laden vehicile exploded prematurely.

Well, they've done it again:

At least seven suspected militants were killed today in a blast apparently caused by explosives stored at a house in Pakistan's commercial capital, Karachi.

Police said the cause of the explosion in Baldia – a poor, mostly ethnic Pashtun neighbourhood and suspected Taliban stronghold – was unclear but the explosives are believed to have gone off accidentally. TV footage showed police seizing guns, suicide vests and grenades from the site.

Well done boys! Have fun in Hell.


Anonymous miriam said...

Is that like premature ejaculation?

1:03 AM  

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