Thursday, January 14, 2010

Children left unattended at restaurant

Go play on the slide, daddy will be back in a minute:

Police said the 36-year-old Inala man left three boys, aged three, five and six, on their own at a fast-food restaurant playground for more than an hour at the weekend while he allegedly went to the Forest Lake Shopping Centre.

It's not clear why this guy didn't do with his kids what many Australians do when they go shopping: turn the kids loose in the shops. K-Mart's toy section can hold a youngster's interest for quite a while, as can the confectionery aisles at Coles and Woolies. Then there's the always entertaining meat section where industrious kiddies can get the plastic wrap to make that neato popping sound it makes when punctured by busy little fingers. And nothing is more fun for a youngster than running up and down the aisles screaming his little head off eliciting lots of dirty looks from shoppers who don't dare reprimand the tyke out of fear an aggressively overprotective heavily tattooed parent might be lurking nearby. Yeah, this guy must be a shopping novice.


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