Sunday, January 17, 2010

Government assumes role as parent

Having paid couples to procreate, the government is now going to help parent the children:

Family mentors will be sent into the homes of Victorian parents who are struggling to cope with bringing up their children, Community Services Minister Lisa Neville has announced.

Under the program, the "super nannies" will teach some of Victoria's most vulnerable families healthy food preparation, safe sleeping arrangements for babies and establishing routines, Ms Neville said.

"We understand Victorians are concerned about the future of their children and that is why we are trialling this initiative of family mentors working with vulnerable families," Ms Neville said.

"Becoming a parent is a difficult and confusing time for everyone, but some mums and dads need some extra help."

I'm not at all confused about why people who will be terrible parents have children: they're doing it in a short-sighted grab for cash. Duh.


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