Friday, March 30, 2012

It's not like there were cartoons...

Joel Braunold:
Perhaps the only positive thing of note has been the reaction of the French Jewish community. After a rabbi and three small children were murdered in France, and declared by the persecutor as an act in the name of the Middle East conflict, there were no riots, nor firebombs lobbed at mosques. During the 2009 War in Gaza [roughly 3,600kms away -ed] there were riots in London, shops smashed and firebombs thrown at synagogues.

The French Jewish community’s silent and powerful protest in arms with other communities in response to such violent provocation demonstrates that even at the pinnacle of rage rioting in the streets of Europe is not justified.
Unless you are a Muslim. Then the media will bend over backwards to try and find justification for the Jihad du Jour.


Anonymous Talib said...

The difference is that pious muslims truly believe in the blessings Allah provides in the next life and hunger to die in the path of Allah to achieve them.

Death is but a gateway, a blessing to the pious and a curse to the unrighteous. It is hated by those with narrow minds and shriveled souls who are entirely fixated on enjoying this life. They have no faith in Allah but are mere slaves to earthly pleasures and human lusts.

Unsurprisingly craven unbelievers will go passively to the slaughter Allah has designated for them while the righteous will punish the wicked who give offence to Allah, knowing that if they are martyred in the process the joys of heaven await them.

It is the wisdom of Allah that has given to muslims this most effective means of spreading Islam throughout the world.

Those unbelievers too wrapped up in the pleasures of this world to even be bothered to reproduce themselves will be supplanted by a more fruitful, vigorous and righteous people.

And Allah knows best.

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