Friday, December 14, 2012

Proof 2Day FM are Full of Sh*t

2Day FM suspended advertising due to public outrage about their recent 'prank' gone horribly wrong. Ordinarily I can't stand listening to FM radio as every song is punctuated with banal ads and endless ironic reminders of how much music they play. However I tuned the van's wireless in earlier this week hoping to hear uninterrupted tunes. Between 8:30am and 10am I heard the word "Shit" nearly 100 times. Admittedly much of this was thanks to Gwen Stefani introducing us to her shit. I'm no wowser and have no objection to a bit of blue language, but it also happened to be the hours when most cars had small children in them. The 'radio edit' of most of these songs usually involves a sound-effect or audio change, rather than a different lyric. Any child would hear right through it. 2Day FM (and a number of 'artists') are being offensive simply for the sake of it, and clearly believe this is good entertainment. Losers.


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