Sunday, July 07, 2013

Caption Inaccurate

Antony Loewenstein's latest appearance on TV:
Today all us writers of the For God’s Sake book appeared on Channel 7′s Weekend Sunrise program.
It's unclear what sort of "writer" would produce a sentence like that. Loewy and the panel were trying to promote their new book. At least this time Antony couldn't claim full-credit for it.

A recent review in The Australian noted:
Of the atheists, Loewenstein has his own tic. No matter what the topic, he manages to introduce his conviction about the infamy of Israel's treatment of the Palestinians. He is the most openly perplexed of the panel,
 True to form Antony leapt out of the gate talking about.... The Usual. In his own (mangled) words:
It was strange watching this segment back and noticing that under my name on the screen it read, “Jew”.
Not an adjective many others in the Jewish community would use to describe him...
It was a unique opportunity to explain that Judaism and Zionism aren’t the same thing and increasing numbers of Jews worldwide oppose Israeli apartheid against Palestinians
There was nothing unique at all. Whilst most of the panel were charming, when it came to Loewenstein it was the same tired argument and even his colleagues were visibly wincing as he prattled on (watch from 2m30s). Host Andrew O'Keefe kept turning to the others in an attempt to stop viewers switching away. Loewenstein is as painful to listen to as he is to read. Just try it.

My favourite line: "There's no doubt in the last ten years since 9/11 there's been Christian Fundamentalism, Muslim Fundamentalism and I'd say Jewish."




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They forgot to include a representative from the biggest religion in Victoria - Aussie Rules Football. ;)

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