Friday, September 23, 2005


London suicide bomber Jermaine Lindsay and his Muslim-convert wife Samantha Lewthwaite have an interesting history:
The couple, who married in October 2002 after meeting on the internet, first came face-to-face at a Stop the War march in Hyde Park. He told her then he wanted to qualify as a human rights lawyer and had been a member of Amnesty International at school. He said he wanted to make a difference to the world by peaceful means.
Lindsay's attitude soon changed after the family moved to London:
“I firmly believe if we had stayed up North he would be the same [Lindsay],” she said in an interview with The Sun newspaper, “but he got involved in mosques in London and Luton and became a changed person. In October through to November 2004 he met a group who changed his life. He became a man I didn’t recognise. I have no doubt his mind was twisted in there.”
Like my dear departed dad always used to tell me, "you are who you hang around with".

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