Monday, May 01, 2006


Suzanne Goldberg, writing in the Guardian, sees the alleged rape of a black stripper by members of the all-white Duke lacrosse team as a scandal dividing America:
On one side is an African-American woman, 27 and a divorced mother of two, a stripper who was trying to turn her life around with a law degree, not from Duke, but from the traditionally black state university in Durham. On the other are young white men who bear all the hallmarks of privilege. They were raised in million-dollar homes, educated at $40,000-a-year Duke University, and are devotees of a sport which is redolent of the moneyed products of north-eastern prep schools.
But there's more to the players' evil than their moneyed origins:
"Every one of these kids has a brand-new SUV that costs as much as half of my house," says a man walking his dog in the street.
Poor vehicle choice boys.


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