Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Perpetual whiner Jeremy Sear is all upset because ideologically opposed bloggers have been picking on him: a recent post by Andrew Landeryou prompting much boo-hoo-hooing from Sear and sympathetic commenters. Landeryou is pretty rough on Sear, who is unable to connect the tone and content of his posts to the treatment he receives.

Landeryou's post is a reaction to a Sear post which says parents who send their kids to private schools "should be ashamed of themselves." Landeryou points out that Sear attended a private school and is therefore a hypocrite for attacking private school parents.

Sear is also upset that Landeryou allegedly attacks his mother. In fact, Landeryou merely points out that Sear's mother not only sent her son to a private school, she is a private school teacher. Using Sear's impeccable logic it's double shame on you momma.

In comments Miss Politics points out that there's more to fear in this situation than merely a slagging:
Mr Lefty I understand it can be very taxing. These types of rat bags have even come onto the campus where I study and put all sorts of filthy pictures (clever photoshop skills they have indeed) and slanderous material up. They went to the trouble of gluing it on every wall and pole they could find. At one stage I was fearful they would hurt me physically or worse my daughter.
It's nonsense like that from Sear and his groupies that attracts the rough treatment he's been getting. A bit of self-reflection wouldn't go astray.


Anonymous Bruce said...

But surely anyone who makes highly intelligent and morally superior members of society like Mr Lefty uncomfortable is a neo-nazi white-supremacist, and prison camps are just around the corner?

6:13 AM  
Anonymous slanderyou said...

Also worth putting Andrew landeryou into context as well?

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But seriously this is better than watching the soapies on TV. The most amusing thing is that all of his sycophants are in a circle around him saying to Sear "Sue him!!!" [b]Sue Him!!![/b] It’s a classic case of empty vessels making the most noise and dingbats on the left not understanding how the laws on defamation actually work.

6:11 AM  

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