Friday, February 16, 2007


Peter Garrett is a determined political opportunist:
Mr Garrett confirmed he had joined the ALP rather than the Greens because he sensed an election victory. "There's an energy that's coming out of this Parliament from Mark Latham and others that attracts me ... and there's a sense of possibility, that things can happen, that things can change," he said.
Who isn't about to let principles compromise his popularity:
The former Midnight Oil frontman, who protested against the Pine Gap installation in the 1980s and called for the US military to be evicted, yesterday dodged questions about a new unmanned military communications base to be built near Geraldton in Western Australia.

But today he gave it his support.

"You know, 25 and 30 years ago, like a lot of other Australians, I was involved in making music, in actions and in activities around the country," Mr Garrett told reporters in Sydney.

"Of course you change your mind about some things over time."
Yep, lots of Australians have stopped making music, are no longer involved in actions and activities and have executed a 180ยบ political turn. This guy has Labor leadership potential.


Anonymous Jeremy said...

No, if he'd executed a 180 degree turn he'd be Brendan Nelson.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous aidan said...

Not anonymous anymore, Mr Sear?

6:19 PM  

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