Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The West Australian (no link available) print edition features on its front page (above the fold) a photo of a burnt out Dwellingup home under a teaser outlined in red: "Has climate change ended a life among the tress?" Below the photo is this: "Fatal attraction: Despite valiant efforts by fire crews, 14 houses were destroyed at Dwellingup at the weekend but the State Government has ruled out any ban on homes in high-risk, tinder-dry bush."

The main story (tucked away on page 6) notes that a 1961 Dwellingup fire destroyed 150,000 hectares (over 370,000 acres; compared to the latest fire's 3,000) of bush and 50 homes. It is also noted that despite the bush fire threat being well known, many residents are failing to comply with the recommended 100 meter fuel-free buffer zone around houses. Climate change and its possible link to the fire are not mentioned although the seed had earlier been planted. Now there's some responsible reporting.


Anonymous sfw said...

Over summer I have many people who should know better tell me that this is the worst fire season in Victorian history. When I tell them that it is not and that there have been much worse seasons and fires eg Ash Wed and Black Friday and plenty of others, they say that was different because this time it's caused by global warming. What can you say to that? I've tried pointing out that they are idiots but it doesn't seem to get them to change their minds.

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