Saturday, March 17, 2007


A Deltoid reader discovers the de facto DDT ban:
In the media release from WHO of 15 Sept 2006 they very clearly state that 'WHO actively promoted indoor residual spraying for malaria control until the early 1980s when increased health and environmental concerns surrounding DDT caused the organization to stop promoting its use and to focus instead on other means of prevention. Extensive research and testing has since demonstrated that well-managed indoor residual spraying programmes using DDT pose no harm to wildlife or to humans'. There are a number of other statements on the who website (which I am having trouble pasting in) where WHO recognises its mistake in this area in not promoting DDT for indoor residual spraying.
DDT ban denier Tim Lambert has a simple explanation for the WHO press release:
Yes, that's what the media release says. It's not true. See my link.
The Lambert link is to an earlier Deltoid post on former WHO official Allan Schapira, who apparently has DDT issues:
I resigned my post as coordinator, vector control and prevention, of the Global Malaria Programme, WHO, on Sept 6, 2006, because of disagreements with the director of the programme about policy issues.
Naturally, Schapira is determined to undermine the new pro-DDT head of the Global Malaria Programme, Dr. Arata Kochi, whose initial statement on DDT is devastating -- the importance of the statement can be seen in the fact that it is the first link on the Global Malaria Programme homepage.

The consensus holds the DDT ban to be real yet Lambert continues to deny it. Shame.


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