Sunday, June 29, 2008


When Antony Loewenstein started blogging there were lots of lively discussions at his site, with many commenters informing him of the obvious: he's an idiot. It therefore wasn't long before Loewenstein severely restricted commenting access to a select few mostly sympathetic commenters. So it is that Sol Salbe, an Independent Australian Jewish Voices co-signatory and ideological ally, has commenting privileges at Loewenstein's blog. This isn't going to last, with Salbe now rocking Loewenstein's anti-Israel boat, so to speak.

In response to a recent Loewenstein post alleging nefarious activity by the Israeli Defense Forces Salbe comments, in part:
If bloggers would like to be treated as journalists then fact-checking of obviously impossible assertions is not an option but a necessity.
If Salbe had read My Israel Question he'd know that fact-checking is not in Loewenstein's repertoire. It sometimes takes a while but even Loewenstein's "friends" eventually work out he's full of crap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salbe,Adler,Richter,Loewenstein & all the other Jewish Dissidents on the IAJV list all deserve each other,what all these dumb Jews don't realize is when one of the jihadists they support decide to blow them selves up the Islamic fanatics won't be calling out for all the left wing Jews to leave the room ,they will be blown to bits with the others!

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

True. Like some of the Jews in Germany (where Loewenstein's grandparents came from), the IAJV members will be saying, "They don't mean us. They mean the other Jews."

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Sue said...

Louise Adler has her own agenda, and she is not too worried about standards as long as her anti-Israel point of view is disseminated. That she would take on someone like Loewenstein says it all.

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The difference between dissendent Jews and dissident Muslims is the worse thing that happens to Jews is other Jews may criticize them by witting a letter to the editor or not invite the self hating Jew to their sons barmitzvah whilst the dissident Muslim has a fatwas [ a Muslim death threat issued strangely enough by their eqivillent of a Rabbi or Priest so much for religion of Peace] against them, they require body guards and their families are also targeted..

7:58 PM  

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