Saturday, April 25, 2009


Imagine how you'd react if someone did this to you:
The thirsty Swede visited the [bottle-shop] with the intention of buying half a dozen bottles of cider only to discover at the cash desk that he had no means in his wallet with which to fund his purchase.

As the cashier began to collect back in the bottles, the man put his finger to his nostril, blew hard and showered the hapless shop assistant with the contents of his nasal passage.
The guy's lucky he wasn't smacked up the side of the head with a bottle of cider.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Svede most likely did it because the servant was small and defeatable, or a woman. Either way he should have had his head brought down on the bench with all the force of a Rugby scrum. Then he could have spent the next 60 years in Sveden telling his uberjungers that his face minus nose and teeth was the result of an unexpected hail storm when in Australia. Gutless git. Mehaul.

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