Thursday, April 09, 2009


Consumer psychologist Adam Ferrier on the North Melbourne rubber chicken video:
Here's the real issue. The video wasn't an aberration. People develop, over time, patterns of behaviour. These patterns of behaviour are driven by thoughts and beliefs that are formed over a lifetime of experience. The boys who made these videos have very distorted cognitions - they most likely see women as disposable, inferior, and worthless. Something to exploit. Further, their behavior would suggest they harbour aggressive thoughts towards women - they simply must if they think depicting women in this light is ok!
Further, as they read this, they may say things to themselves such as 'it was just a joke', or 'It was a chicken - not a real woman', and so on. They will justify their behaviour to themselves to see themselves in the best possible light (no one wants to see themselves as a monster - even people who commit monstrous acts).
The scary thing is these distorted cognitions are - if left unchecked, dangerous. They can be the precursor to actual abusive behaviour towards women. And even worse their hopelessly out of his depth CEO is unwittingly condoning their behaviour - probably because he too, to some degree has similar beliefs.
Not only is the "victim" not identifiable as female, human or otherwise, the video shows no overt sex acts – the head of a rubber chicken penetrating the body cavity of a chicken carcass, through the opening from which its organs have been removed, is hardly sexual.

Interestingly, Ferrier is not averse to using sexual inference as a marketing tool, founding the provocatively named Naked in Australia in 2004. But that's Okay because he's not a woman-hating footy player.


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