Thursday, June 25, 2009


From the RWDB archive (December 2006):
Journalist and author Antony Loewenstein is writing a book on the Australian media to be published by Random House in 2007. I hope Random House knows what it's doing.
Random House staff wised up; the book was never published.

The post also discusses a George W. Bush "quote" fabricated by Loewenstein and ultimately disowned by Crikey:
Our writer got it wrong -- the observation should not have appeared in quotation marks or been attributed to the US President. We apologise for the error.
Unlike Random House, Crikey maintains its links with Loewenstein, today publishing a report from the now New York-based "journalist". In it he remarks on the distinctive features of local speech, the "slow and deliberate New York drawl". An odd description of the rapid-fire stacatto speech many Americans have trouble understanding.

Loewenstein can't even get a cliche right:
Their journalistic insights were far and few between...
As if Loewenstein has had a journalistic insight, ever.


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