Monday, October 19, 2009

Free speech or hate speech?

 Sweden is in the news:

"An article by the leader of the far-right Sweden Democrats claiming that Islam is the biggest threat to Sweden since World War II is tantamount to hate speech, according to legal experts.

"A number of jurists believe the text, published in the opinion section of the Aftonbladet newspaper, qualifies as agitation against an ethnic group (hets mot folkgrupp).

"The Sweden Democrats concluded their annual congress on Sunday in the town of Ljungbyhed in Skåne in southern Sweden.

"According to Åkesson, “today’s multicultural Swedish power-elite are totally blind to the dangers of Islam.”

"He goes on to claim that more than ten Muslim terrorist organizations have established themselves in Sweden, that Sweden has the most rapes in Europe, and that Muslim men are highly overrepresented among the perpetrators.

"'As a Sweden Democrat, I see this as our greatest external threat since World War II and I promise to use all my power to change the trend during next year's election,' writes Åkesson.

"Åkesson’s claims prompted academics and legal experts to draw parallels between the Sweden Democrats and the Nazis."

Yep, any day now Sweden is going to round up its Muslims and put them in concentration camps, annex Norway and invade Finland.


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