Saturday, October 03, 2009


Muslim identity Keysar Trad continues to plead for polygamy to be legalised. That's actually misleading; Islam doesn't allow women to have more than one husband so he supports polygyny but opposes polyandry. And why shouldn't women have more than one husband?
There are many reasons for this. Some are medical, some relate to paternity. Others pertain to the sexual proclivities of the different genders. The sex therapist Bettina Arndt, promoting her book Sex Diaries, outlined the merits of women saying "yes" more often to sex with their husbands. If Arndt's research is reflective of a greater portion of the population, a monogamous relationship leads to reduced interest in sex among women and a perpetual state of conjugal frustration among men.

If men in monogamous relations are not satiated, by its very nature polyandry creates an overwhelming burden for a woman in long-term relationships.
Women just aren't horny enough. To make sure everyone gets the point he throws in this bogus fact:
And why do we continue to maintain a facade that monogamy is a perfect institution, when studies consistently reveal that most men admit to having affairs?
Trad argues that multiple wives should be available to "men who are capable of supporting more than one partner equally". This probably accounts for Trad not taking on that second wife back in the 90s: imagine trying to later equitably split up the family's meager assets (they were receiving government assistance) amongst Trad, wife number one with nine kids and wife number two with probably at least a couple of kids – the Family Court would have fun sorting that out.

Anyway, one wife is more than enough for any man, as are nine kids.


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Why do all - ALL - polygamists (or wanna-be polygamists) have beards? It's like, forget the construction sites - go woof-whistling at Santa's Workshop, check out the manes on those hotties!

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