Monday, April 26, 2010

West Australian taxpayers help fund hanky-panky

W.A. Treasurer Troy Buswell has admitted having an intimate relationship with Greens MP Adele Carles but refuses to resign, this despite Buswell's further admission that tax dollars helped pay for the hook-up:

In the interests of drawing a line under this event and give my family the opportunity to move forward, I would like to touch upon several instances during this relationships which are pertinent in relation to the use of parliamentary entitlements.

Firstly, I can confirm that after a trip to a ministerial council meeting in late March in Canberra Adele Carles joined me in Canberra on the Thursday meeting and we travelled together to Sydney where we stayed for two nights.

I was scheduled to fly back to Perth via Sydney.

I funded the additional two nights' accommodation out of my own pocket.

Secondly, I can confirm that my ministerial car was used to drop me off to meet Adele Carles on three occasions.

I will repay the government garage for the cost of those trips.

Third, in mid February I travelled to Albany in the afternoon ahead of a series of meetings the following day.

I was joined by Adele Carles that evening.

I will repay the cost of the accommodation.

So here we have the Treasurer admitting to the misuse of public funds. It's no wonder then that the Sunday Times's Joe Spagnolo is calling for Buswell's sacking.

Will cheat-gate be Buswell's downfall? Stay tuned.

Update: Carles at her blog:

As a parent, I stand with the Greens for the sake of my children.

The welfare of her children is apparently not always her number one priority.


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