Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pure Poison's Jeremy Sear gets it right, almost

Not one to admit an error, Jeremy Sear, the only remaining original Pure Poisoner, issues an almost correction:

Originally the first line of this post said “in the desert”, but this isn’t quite right. The former government’s desert-based centres at Woomera and Baxter have been closed, and according to the Department, the remaining ones are in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin and on Christmas Island (which is remote and sandy, but not a desert).

However, the Government is reopening the Curtin Detention Centre, 28 hours from Perth, known as one of the very worst of the Howard-era facilities.

Nope, he wasn't "quite right", he was wrong. Typically, Sear does not mention the post's also deleted second mention of inhumane "desert" detention. And whereas the Curtin facility is remote, it is not in the desert, in fact receiving greater annual rainfall than does Sear's home base, Melbourne.

Located in the remote north of Western Australia, Curtin is indeed hot year round but Sear laments only for asylum seekers who might be sent there and not for those Australians who somehow manage to live there. For Sear it is inappropriate that asylum seekers are expected to temporarily reside in a location inhabited by Australians. Perhaps he has an extra room or two at his place.

Update/correction: As pointed out in comments Tobias Ziegler has been posting at Pure Poison from its inception; I am therefore wrong about Jeremy Sear being "the only remaining original Pure Poisoner." My sincere apologies to Ziegler for the oversight.


Anonymous cosmicjester said...

"Jeremy Sear, the only remaining original Pure Poisoner"

IIRC Tobias Ziegler has been posting since the blog launched and is still doing posts for Pure Poison.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Nic said...

Funny also that Sear would be lamenting that such places are hot, despite the fact that those sent there arrive from places such as Sri Lanka and Iraq, probably damn hotter than Sear's Australian hell-hole.

5:32 PM  

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