Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coroner asked to consider finding against Dr Dingle

A damning indictment from legal counsel assisting the coroner:

The WA Coroner has been told it is possible to find that prominent researcher, Peter Dingle, and a homeopath contributed to the death of a woman from cancer.

The Coroner has been examining the case of Doctor Dingle's wife, Penelope, who used homeothapy and nutritional supplements to treat rectal cancer.

During the inquest, it was alleged Doctor Dingle and the homeopath, Francine Scrayen, had misled Mrs Dingle into believing the therapies could cure her.

In submissions today, counsel assisting the inquest said the evidence suggested Doctor Dingle and Mrs Scrayen had cooperated in their treatment of Mrs Dingle.

Despite the untimely death of his wife from a once treatable cancer, Dr Dingle's faith in alternative therapies is unshaken.


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