Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Asylum seeker children prompt massive boost to outback school

Asylum seeker children in Leonora today attended school for the first time in Australia. At least one local parent was unimpressed with the money now being poured into the school:

The kids themselves are innocent.

But the fact that the government is only spending money on this school because [of the asylum seekers] says that the government considers our children, who are born and bred Australians, not good enough.

Country schools should have been provided for from day dot.

According to news reports adding 53 students to the school resulted in "the employment of seven new teachers and the construction of four new classrooms."


Anonymous Chistery said...

Leonora was picked because the community was most receptive to having an asylum seeker industry, which brings cash and jobs and infrastruture to a town in decline after the closure of a mine. It was also politically advantageous for Labor as happy Leonora citizens made good news footage. Seemed like a win-win at the time.

So what happens when Leonora gets pork-barrelled up to the eyeballs? The townsfolk bitch and moan that they should have been given all this as a handout without the asylum seekers. Of course they've dressed it up as a 'why wont someone think of the children' plea when really they should just STFU!

There is at least one case for onshore detention centres... all that cash stays in Australia to the benefit of some locals, however ungrateful.

8:02 AM  

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