Saturday, July 03, 2010

Mr Loverman quietly disappears

Octogenarian Abu Talal al-Najar has fathered 41 children by 11 wives and has around 430 grandchildren, the BBC whimsically naming him Mr Loverman.

Someone at the BBC must have had second thoughts about the title, which now reads 'Legendary' Gaza man and his ever-growing family.

Asked if he's worried about his family's prospects in the harsh, isolated and dangerous Gaza Strip, Loverman quipped:

No, because if I lose 200 of my grandchildren, I will still have 200 left.

His biggest worry:

The British were bad. The Israelis were worse, but the biggest danger for my children now is the continuing disagreement between Fatah and Hamas - Palestinians fighting amongst themselves.

Refreshing honesty from a man who has lived in Gaza since 1928.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

B...b..b..but doesn't all this exponential population growth kind of contradict the claims of "genocide" by the Israelis?

Actually, yes.

9:57 PM  

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