Monday, September 13, 2010

Furthering Islam through murder

The prosecution alleges that accused Muslim terror suspects now on trial plotted an attack on Sydney's Holsworthy Army base aiming to inflict "maximum body count":

Prosecutor Nicholas Robinson, SC, contends the men were prepared to kill as many people as possible in the attack to further their religion.

He told the court the men were planning to act because they were angry at the presence of Australian troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and they thought it would advance the cause of Islam.

Mr Robinson said one of the accused, Fattal, went to the Holsworthy barracks to see whether it was a good target.

It is also alleged the men were unhappy with advice they received from religious clerics in Australia that violence was wrong, so they sought a fatwah from a cleric in Somalia.

There's something seriously wrong when Islam's adherents hope to further their religion through murder.


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