Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stung, twice

Motorists beware:
Police say they will hide behind bushes with speed cameras and use any other tactic they can to catch law-breaking motorists in one of the biggest festive season road blitzes in WA's history.
The traditional post-Christmas Perth exodus began today with heavy traffic headed south. During a round trip to Margaret River the traffic flowed smoothly and briskly; I didn't see a single notable act of behind-the-wheel stupidity. I also saw nary a police vehicle, speed trap, or officer, for that matter. A job well done, I say – it's not like I was speeding, but in over four hours of open road driving I did lots of overtaking and wasn't passed once.

I did get stung however. A bee stung me on the small strip of exposed skin between my helmet and jacket collar – an unlucky hit as this was the only part of my body not covered. A few minutes later another bee zoomed through the tiny gap between my left riding glove and jacket cuff and stung me on the forearm. These minor inconveniences did not detract from a day of joyous high-speed motorcycling, however. Yeeha!


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