Monday, January 24, 2011

Julian Assange movie ready for release

In order to take advantage of the massive media hype surrounding Julian "The Most Dangerous Man in the World" Assange, a movie detailing his exploits is about to be released. One reason the movie was shot so quickly is that very few sets and actors were required: much of the movie takes place in the bedroom of his mother's house, with only two characters, and the rest in the Left's imagination.

The part of Assange's mother is played by a whisky fruitcake with Tilda Swinton, cast for her striking physical resemblance, playing Julian. Exclusive shots of Swinton as Assange showing his career trajectory: geek; righteous warrior; divinity; and seducer. It should be very entertaining.


Anonymous Adrian of Adelaide said...

Love it – the resemblance is amazing. Just to keep it real I suggest Tiny Tim to play Mrs Assange. See here:

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Adrian of Adelaide said...

Sorry wrong link to Tiny Tim alias Mrs Assange, here it is:

8:57 AM  

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