Saturday, January 22, 2011

Journalist ignored

A Crikey recruit has a rush of blood to the brain:
Also, it hadn’t clicked that, unlike when I was just some guy with a blog, I can now actually ring the subject of a piece and say “it’s Jeremy from Crikey” and they’ll answer the phone.
Somewhat later reality strikes:
Marika [Dobbin, the Age] didn’t return calls from Crikey.
Jeremy who, from where?

Update An even higher profile Australian journalist suffers rejection:
Tried to speak with Orhan Pamuk directly tonight here in Jaipur, India about his Galle position. He refused to speak/say anything.
It's hard to talk while laughing.


Anonymous Adrian of Adelaide said...

Hey everyone, you must check out the first Crikey link and the comments thread following. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. Shabadoo, Dan Lewis, Joe Hildebrand of the Daily Telegraph and others get stuck into Sear in a hilarious exchange.

Poor Jeremy is almost in cyber-tears defending his cat, his parents and his professional reputation; he’s even reduced to blubbering ‘I’m not a journalist’. His acolytes are caught similarly flat-footed, bleating about trolls and stalkers. Funny thing is, without Shabadoo et al the blog would’ve been the usual borefest.

Sear started out having a sanctimonious go at Hildebrand’s journalistic ethics and ended up being flayed alive. Shabadoo was in particularly good form – I don’t know if he’s a journalist himself but he ate Sear alive. Brilliant stuff, not to be missed. All I can say is the Sears and Loewensteins of this world must have hides like a rhinoceros – how can they keep coming back for more?

I’m inspired now to follow up the original story and Bolt/Blair’s take – I want to know who was responsible for the side-splitting line ‘hungry, hungry hippie’.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Adrian of Adelaide said...

I just checked the date on the Crikey piece about the Greens Councillor’s spouse eating too much at council meetings and it was from Feb 2009. Nevertheless I still recommend the comment thread as a good read and the line ‘Hungry, hungry hippie’ will be funny forever.

My musings on how thick Sear’s skin must be are actually all the more relevant – since he’s evidently been copping a pasting like this since at least 2009 but still fronts up for more. I guess you’ve got to give him some points for trying…

6:33 PM  
Anonymous TC said...

That was fracken hilarious, Adrian! My kids were watching a video so I sat next to them on the couch scrolling through not just the PP Boyz post and comments on that one but Tim Blair's and Andrew Bolt's post and comments on it as well.

Can't. Stop. Laughing!

That was only 6 days after Tim sliced & diced 'em with this one, too!


"Good times, good times!"

7:48 PM  
Anonymous TC said...

Yeap, still laughing! Here's Joe's "Hungry Hungry Hippy" followup:


7:52 PM  
Anonymous Adrian of Adelaide said...

Thanks TC you’ve made my morning – I was just about to start searching for these references. Hilarious stuff, I’m not usually an ACA fan but I loved the tray of food being left on Maltby’s doorstep in an effort to ‘smoke him out’. Wife thinks I’m going mad, collapsing in laughter over the keyboard and wishes I’d mow the lawn or ‘do something useful’.

You’d reckon these twits would realise how damaging humour can be and join in the fun; but typically the Left displays its usual primness; Maltby signs off with ‘proud to be a Greens activist’. Attaboy Chris, that really showed ‘em!

7:54 AM  
Anonymous lolWally said...

This is too much fun. Thanks for the links! :o)

4:18 PM  
Anonymous TBS said...

rEgarding AL:

Look, JF, you must admit that with all his faults AL has the redeeming feature being so stupid that he makes everyone around him feel like a genius.

If he wants to go through life as an ego-enhancer, who are we to complain?

9:20 PM  

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