Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PP boy Dave Gaukroger fails again

Crikey, another epic fail for Pure Poison blogger Dave Gaukroger who today takes Andrew Bolt to task for his ignorance of physics. Bolt is correct when saying that a 100 metre sea level rise over 100 years averages out to one metre per year but errs in apparently assuming that sea level rise will follow a linear progression.

PP boy Gaukroger, obviously desperate to fault Bolt for something, anything, points out that Bolt is wrong in that sea level rise will likely accelerate over time and will not progress linearly. But Gaukroger royally screws up in not doing his research: there isn't enough water on Earth to raise sea level by 100 metres. Thus ABC science guy Robyn Willams – the target of Bolt's post – is wrong in agreeing that sea level might rise by 100 metres – it's impossible. And Gaukroger has wasted his time, and that of his readers, in attacking Bolt rather than Williams the scare-mongerer. Gaukroger's graphs are quite pretty, however.


Anonymous Chistery said...

I spent too much time in that swamp and felt myself descending into the same petty and obnoxious behaviour that is the hallmark of that site. It has certainly become a parody of itself with it’s charter of exposing intellectual dishonesty becoming not much more than a collective of lefties feeding their hatred of Bolt and conservatives in general, while at the same time writing the most obsequious letters of defence about any criticism of the Greens.

Ultimately it wasn’t any attack on me that drove me to the perfectly sane decision to no longer bother with that site. It was a seemingly innocuous statement from one commenter that collected broad agreement from many others. The statement was something along the line of: “Anyone notice how you never see any Liberals help out the with flood relief other than Campbell Newman?” That pretty much encapsulates all you need to know about that site. It’s a petty, self-serving, obnoxious, bitter, vindictive, pathetic and blindingly ignorant right-wing hate site. To me, every local member, regardless of which party they belonged to would have been doing all they can without the need to front up to a camera. Politicians put politics to the side. The only people you really saw on TV were the government leaders and Rudd doing his usual media whoring to the chagrin of Gillard. JP Langbroek was out in the country away from the media circus in Brisbane, and importantly, away from Bligh to let her get on with her job. The statement from that commenter was as infantile and nasty as it was a light bulb moment.

I’m glad to be free of that site. I’m already a better person for it.

7:25 AM  

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