Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hybrids not about fuel economy

The upcoming Melbourne F1 grand prix will feature a novelty race with non-professionals driving a fleet of Lexus CT200h petrol-electric hybrids. Driven hard, the Lexus's will likely gulp down fuel in greater quantities than would high-performance cars driven at the same speed.

Lexus mouthpiece Peter Evans says excessive fuel consumption isn't a problem:
Our hybrid drivetrain has never been about fuel savings.

We've never been about pure economy, that's Toyota's area, you've got us confused with the other brand. We do performance hybrids. We don't see a juxtaposition between racing and hybrid at all
Not about saving fuel, eh? Then why does Lexus online say this about its hybrids?
A hybrid vehicle uses different power sources to operate more efficiently. Lexus has spent years developing its hybrid technology to create Lexus Hybrid Drive, the most advanced hybrid technology available.

Combining a petrol engine with electric motor(s), Lexus Hybrid Drive delivers a smooth powerful ride with low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
The key here is to drive like an 80 year old woman if you want to save the planet from behind the wheel of a hybrid.


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