Sunday, January 16, 2011

WA drivers the worst?

Motor Trade Association of WA chief executive Stephen Moir is unimpressed with WA drivers:
Mr Moir said a culture of selfishness had developed. Motorists treated the roads as their personal territory and appeared to do extraordinary things to keep that space.

"Issues like hogging the right-hand lane, poor overtaking and failing to merge in an orderly fashion are prime examples," Mr Moir said.

"I drive in every State on a regular basis and I've noticed a distinct trend in WA in terms of the aggression and selfishness of drivers."Not traveling interstate for years I can't comment on how WA drivers compare to those in the rest of Australia. But as Mr Moir says, WA drivers are plenty aggressive.
Not traveling interstate for many years it's impossible for me to compare WA drivers to those in the rest of Australia. That said, WA drivers aren't that bad, provided you know the unwritten road rules.

First up, don't panic when drivers on cross streets scream up to stop signs, their vehicles stopping before the rear wheels cross the white line. They were merely testing your reflexes.

Don't worry when the following vehicle gets so close that its headlights aren't visible in your mirror: drafting increases fuel efficiency.

Finally, wouldn't you throw an empty stubby at someone who rudely tooted you simply for missing a red light – important text messages must be answered, immediately.


Blogger Boy on a bike said...

My pet hate is how slowly cars move off when a light goes green. In the east, half a dozen cars would have been through the intersection in the time it takes the muppet at the front to wake up, realise the lights have changed and to search around for the gear stick to move it into first.

7:33 AM  

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