Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taser animal torturer

The new Wildlife Taser is designed to safely and effectively but temporarily subdue large animals likely to threaten "wildlife managers, field biologists and zoo caretakers". Good news for animals that might otherwise be permanently subdued by bullet, right? Not even:
My worry? That this weapon, despite its high (almost $2000) price tag, could encourage a new breed of ugly, empty-headed tourist behavior: will people approach animals they should keep away from knowing that if they have an animal-felling Taser they can get away with it?

Given the way regular Tasers have been misused - with their use sometimes a first resort and then being used to deliver repeated stun shocks to boot - it's hard to see how this hardware could encourage a better relationship between people and animals.
Hey Hank, I stole me one of them Bear Tasers; what say we go find a grizzly and see if she works.

Nah Caleb, we's gonna test it out on a real beast: the mother-in-law.


A Taser might prove useful when a deer smashes its way into your lounge room.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

I always liked the story (urban legend?) about the Mother who bought a can of Bear Repellent (essentially pepper spray) and thought it worked like insect repellent, spraying it all over her young child.

Imagine if she had a Taser...

6:45 PM  

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