Tuesday, April 05, 2011

ABC bias noted

Caroline Overington points to Leftward bias at the ABC as evidenced by last Thursday's The Drum on ABC 24, which offered further media exposure to expert-on-nothing Antony Loewenstein, who pitched the usual anti-U.S. line:
In a discussion about the US army "kill team" soldier Corporal Jeremy Morlock, who murdered civilians and has been sentenced to 24 years jail for the crime, Loewenstein said he had decided "this sort of stuff is common".

"It's part of how . . . the only way you can get through a day (is) to see the enemy as towelheads . . . these images sadly are far more common than we like to believe," he said of reports that rogue psychopaths had murdered a teenage boy and cut off his finger as a trophy.

Overington should check out Loewenstein blog, where the "rogue psychopaths" are "America’s Kill Team in Afghanistan".

Even better, on The Drum Loewenstein describes Liberal economics policy as "Reaganomics on crack". The ABC embarrasses itself by featuring Loewenstein's anti-Western pseudo-analysis.


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