Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drum. Rhymes with Dumb.

Thanks JF for throwing me the keys to the blog for a few days. I know how hard it must be to keep addicts such as me, fed with content.

Luckily for JF, idiots like Antony Loewenstein provide an easy source of material to laugh at, without too much effort. Let's try. [starts stopwatch]

[Stop the watch]
The recent murder in Gaza of Italian human rights activist Vittorio Arrigoni was a shock to all of us. He was killed by a self-proclaimed Salafi jihadi group. The isolation of Gaza almost guarantees some extremism
Took me about five seconds to find an example of Loewnstein's terrible writing and stupidity. Would have been quicker if I had faster Internet. Nothing 30 or 40 billion of taxpayers' hard-earned wouldn't fix...

Firstly, what's a "self-proclaimed Salafi jihadi group"? Did they have to issue a press release or something? Or is that more like self-proclaimed "author" and "journalist"?

Secondly, don't you love, how there is no crime committed by a Palestinian, which can't somehow be blamed on Israel (or America). I mean, Antony may claim that the death of this guy was a "shock to all of us". But seriously, hands up anyone who is truly shocked that...Islamists murder people. Shocking, I know.

Not that it should reflect on the actual murderers. No. They were victims also.

It must be incredibly easy to get off fines in Gaza. "Sorry officer, the Zionists made me do it".

It is not the "isolation of Gaza" which guarantees some (ahem) extremism. It is the extremism which guarantees their isolation. Well, that and some of their reading material.

It just amazes me how easily Israel haters will believe anything about Israel howsoever ridiculous. Yet they can never, even for a second contemplate that maybe Islamists do, you know, Bad Things.

How frustrating it must be, for the evil masterminds of 9/11 to think that after all their hard work, most of Arab World believes Jews were responsible. I mean, how many people do you actually need to kill before you get some credit?

Don't bother trying to explain this to a Pal-supporter though. As soon as you dare point out some basic facts, they'll get all upset and start ignoring you. She blocked my tweets faster than Loewenstein can delete a comment left on his blog. You'd have to wonder why someone who supports a society which celebrates suicide bombers, headchoppers and genocidal Nazi wannabes, would be so precious...

As for Loewenstein? Well, he's still good enough for "Our ABC". If Tim Blair and Professor Bunyip want to know the reason why the ABC site needs a new editor so badly, I suspect it is because the last one is still on stress leave from reviewing Loewenstein's writing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The assumption that caring about Palestinians means hating Israel is wrong.

It's clearly in the best interests of both sides to live in peace, side by side.

Validating the hartred of Isarel that justifies terrorism against Israel is not in the interests of the Palestinians.

9:28 AM  

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