Saturday, April 30, 2011

Respect for the PM

Gai Waterhouse commented earlier in the week about the Prime Minister's terrible dress sense. The media went nuts, with opinion polls and calls to talkback condemning everything from her hair colour (now believed to be fake), baggy clothing and lack of taste.

On the one hand, banal discussions like this lack the respect which should be held for the office of Prime Minister.

On the other hand, that discussion, together with the highly predictable Republic/Monarchy debate fuelled by the Royal Wedding served as a very useful distraction from certain other inconvenient issues:
Two men remain on the roof of the Villawood Detention Centre as their protest enters its eleventh day
The media is fuelling the wrong discussions. It is helping to avoid the political discussion this country needs to have and providing a great excuse for the PM to ignore genuinely important issues.

Julia Gillard's new nickname should be the Redhead Herring.



Anonymous ar said...

If someone can spot the difference between a filly and a nag, it's Gai Waterhouse...

It doesn't matter what she wears, her lumbering swayback gait makes her look oafish. But it's unfair to judge her on looks when we should judge her on policy. On second thoughts maybe Julia would prefer being judged on the former...

8:43 AM  
Blogger Jimbo said...

I loved Dame Edna's comment on JG's hat.
It looks like a chip wrapper that's blown up against her head in a strong wind.

8:16 AM  

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