Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Western Australia's bad drivers

The top ten complaints of West Australian drivers:
1. Drivers who can’t merge
2. Right-hand lane hoggers
3. Tailgating
4. Rude, inconsiderate attitude
5. Lack of indicating
6. Not using roundabouts correctly
7. Bad driving at traffic lights
8. Using mobiles while driving
9. Speeding or driving too slow with restrictions.
10. Automatic drivers who keep a foot on the brake pedal.
This morning on the way to work I witnessed a classic example of driver stupidity: a child care pick-up van speeding at 20 km/h over the limit. Now whereas the driver of the van didn't do anything outstandingly stupid on early morning roads with little traffic he was still driving at 80 km/h in a residential 60km/h zone, which made me wonder what he would say to police if apprehended. Better yet, what would we he say to parents of the children entrusted to his care?


Anonymous Chistery said...

Speed limits on the on-ramps to the SE Freeway in Brisbane are clearly signposted. Start at 60km/h, halfway up its 80, at the top its 100 to allow the merge with the freeway traffic also doing 100. The number of wankers who stay on 60 to the top and try to merge with traffic doing 100 is mindboggling - and immensely infuriating.

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speed limits can get fucked. If you are that unaware of the context of your car, your surroundings, and the road conditions that you need a fixed numerical sign to tell you what speed you can drive, then you should not be behind the wheel, period.

1:15 PM  

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