Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Left Appalled Easily

In today's Age:
I CAN'T help but feel uneasy about the images of flag-waving ''patriots'' standing and cheering outside the White House on the announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden. Change the colours of the flag. Change the location the photo is taken.

Are we (the people of the West) really any different to the people of the Middle East? The same ones who are hellbent on destroying our ''way of life''?

Justice must be served and it appears as though this has happened. However, the killing of a man, no matter how heinous his crimes, should not be cheered.

Let us remember, respect and honour the victims.

Chris Malcher, Boronia
Are we any different? Why yes, we are.

I would remind him that the Americans (and I) are cheering the death of a mass murderer.

Quite a contrast from the Islamists who cheered when a skyscraper full of office workers was levelled or the Palestinians who danced in the streets (literally) on both 9/11 and plenty of time since, such as when an Israeli child's throat was slit while she sleeps. The moral equivalence displayed by Mr Malcher suggests there is no difference between good and evil.

According to another letter writer:
Fear for the future

BIN Laden was responsible for the most despicable act of terrorism in our lifetime.

But I am appalled that Julia Gillard and John Howard are condoning what is, essentially, his murder and that Barack Obama characterises his death as an ''achievement''.

His death will make him the ultimate martyr and his followers will simply seek revenge. We should all be afraid of what the future holds.

Alison McLeod, Richmond
Uh oh. Osama bin Laden is dead. Now he's going to be really mad!

Pussy of the Year award however has to go to Nathan Lee, who writes in the SMH:
I am appalled at the joy our leaders are expressing at the death of Osama bin Laden. There should have been a fair trial and proper court process with life imprisonment (as with our legal system). The death penalty, whether by trial or sniper fire, is something all should oppose, even for the most vile, lest we stoop to their level.

Nathan Lee Surry Hills
Does Mr Lee realise that Bin Laden would have been firing an automatic weapon at the time he was shot? Perhaps the US soldiers should have read him his rights instead? Good grief.

As far as I'm concerned, a bullet to the head was too kind and I feel sorry for the fish currently feasting on him.

Tim Blair noted a contrast between Fairfax and News Ltd. I guess Fairfax are just trying not to upset their easily appalled readership.

Fairfax readers need to Harden the F##k up.


Anonymous Old Sailor Man said...

If your average fairfax reader hardened up by a factor of 1000000000, he/she/it would still be softer than KY Jelly

1:28 PM  
Blogger Lord Nazh said...

I suspect that the US soldiers told him to freeze and drop to the ground... shortly after they shot him.


1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say that while I'm quite glad he's dead, I am a little disturbed by the level of triumphalism shown.
I think the "celebrations" should be a little more subdued and respectful to the victims rather than scornful of the passing of Bin Laden.
That said, the reaction of the political leader isn't thiumphal at all and Howard, Gillard and Obama have show great grace in this matter.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greg Barns is at it as well over at the Drum:


2:04 PM  
Blogger Lord Nazh said...

"I think the "celebrations" should be a little more subdued and respectful to the victims rather than scornful of the passing of Bin Laden."

Why? Not one terrorist deserves subdued celebrations (why the scare quotes) and the victims have had their subdued silence in memory. Now they have their justice.

2:04 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

I think the "celebrations" should be a little more subdued and respectful to the victims rather than scornful of the passing of Bin Laden.

Well I was watching Fox News (waits for lefties brains to explode) and saw a number of 9/11 survivors, and the families of those killed there, attending. It was bittersweet, there were cheers and tears.

The bottom line: We only cheer when evil people die. Not when good people are murdered. That's the difference between civilisation and barbarism.

3:13 PM  
Blogger lokijon said...

Truly Americans should get some sensitivity training from those Muslim brothers that The Age believes are inherently morally superior to all of us and celebrate by firing AK 47's in the air.

The fact innocent civilians are hurt by the bullets being returned to earth is not the concern of a truly civilised people.

What barbarians the Americans are.

6:30 PM  
Blogger RebeccaH said...

I'm glad Osama bin Laden is dead. The news made me grin with joy.

I apologize to no one for it.

11:09 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

I suppose she didn't look too closely at those people who went out in the middle of the night on the news of bin Laden being killed.

In large part, they were college students and other their age. It's THEIR GENERATION'S WAR. Many of those students are rotating in and out of Reserve and Active duty, and many can be frequently seen in uniform on their way to their reserve drills.
If this is a small bit of good news for their generation's war, one in which they are expected to pretend their eneny is their friend to a painfully dangerous degree, then sobeit.

11:34 PM  

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